The Nokia Test (reloaded)

I’ve published a little TEST for those of you brave enough to find out what level of scrum you’ve implemented. It is based on Jeff Sutherland’s presentation on ‘Money for Nothing, Change for free’. In it he describes an updated version of the Nokia Test.

I’ve taken the liberty of turning it into a very basic quiz running on googledocs. (Please let me know if you experience any issues with taking the test, I’ve tested it but you never know)

I suspect that even this test is still too basic, it does give you a somewhat better feel of whether you’re doing scrumbutt or better. I found it useful as a focus for a review session. It draws attention to the basic practices that you should have in place. And until those basics are in place, you don’t really begin to feel the full benefits of what scrum has to offer. Jeff puts up some empirical evidence in his presentation that suggests that an excellent scrum implementation can make a difference of 400% in your productivity as a team (however that is measured).

You owe it to yourself and your team to make sure those things are there, and if they’re not figuring out a way to get them there.


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