My Ada Lovelace posting

I promised to write a post about a woman in IT whom I admire as part of this campaign.

The woman I admire happens to be my wife, Karen Greaves.

She has been my mentor and inspiration. She has made a reputation for herself as a superb boss (although I hesitate to allow her to be my boss, at work). Her people are fiercely loyal and she is loyal to them.

She comes from a technical background, having worked for Microsoft. I think she enjoys shocking developers by understanding their technical challenges and being able to suggest solutions. But it was really in product and project management that she discovered her true calling.

She has long been a supporter of agile methods, and has worked passionately to make it part of the environment where she has worked. I learn every day from her experiences with scrum in her environment.

For me, she has been an inspiration for how I would like to be, and perhaps a large part of the reason that I got into this business.

So today,  I salute her accomplishments in the software world, but I didn’t actually need a special day to do that.


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